IRS Stimulus Debit Card 2024 – When Will You Receive Your Stimulus Debit Card in February 2024

When did you receive the IRS stimulus debit card in 2024? With the initiation of IRS stimulus check programs, the expectations of the nation’s residents increase as they seek timely financial assistance to maintain stability in their expenses. The IRS stimulus debit card was introduced to offer support to survivors, retirees, and individuals with disabilities. The IRS and relevant agencies have streamlined the payment process and methods to align with public expectations. Meeting the eligibility criteria is crucial for individuals seeking to access the benefits of the IRS Stimulus Debit Card 2024. Additionally, applying for the EIP is a prerequisite for qualifying for debit card benefits. Refer to the post for information on payment dates for receiving an IRS Stimulus Debit Card in February 2024.

IRS Stimulus Debit Card 2024

Legislators ultimately reached a consensus on a $900 relief package to substitute the CARES Act, which was approved after extensive deliberations. It encompasses a new round of $600 direct stimulus payments and extended unemployment benefits, along with assistance for renters. Similar to the initial round, most individuals with bank account information on file with the IRS will receive the payment via direct deposit. Others, including those without bank account details on file, will have to wait for a debit card or a physical check to be delivered by mail.

IRS Stimulus Debit Card Overview

Scheme Name IRS Stimuli Debit Card
Year 2024
Country United States of America
IRS Stimulus Debit Card Payment Amount 2024 $1000 to $9999.9

IRS $1400 Seniors Checks Approved

IPL Schedule 2024,

Canada Child Benefit Extra Payment

IRS Stimulus Debit Card 2024 Payment Amount

Category Payment Amount
For Singles $1200
For Married Couples $2400
For Married Couple with Child $1200 + $500 per chilren

Payment Amount Limit

Limit Type Amount
ATM Withdrawal Limit $1,000
Point-of-Sale (POS) Transactions $2500
Bank/Teller Over-the-Counter Withdrawal $6000
ACH Transfer to home Bank $6000
Money Network Check Limit $9,999.99

The range of the limit is between $1000 and $9,999.99 as per the restriction being imposed. Senior citizens may be exempt from complicated payment transactions.

What is an Economic Impact Payment Card?

Amid the COVID-19 Pandemic, the government has been distributing funds through paychecks, which posed challenges for officials. As a solution, they opted to utilize EIP Cards, or debit cards, to monitor transactions such as withdrawals. These cards can be used to buy essential items at retail stores, ATMs, or for bill transfers, with payment details accessible via the designated cellular or banking app.

Who Can Get Stimulus Debit Card in 2024?     

If you qualify, you will receive a stimulus check debit card. The IRS will assess applications and program eligibility to determine recipients. It’s important to review the complete Stimulus Debit Card Eligibility criteria to see if you qualify for the card.

  • You should be US resident
  • Your Age has to be 65 years or more
  • Your AGI must be as much as $75K if Single Filer,
  • AGI for Households must be up to $112.5K,
  • If you’re a married couple, then AGI ought to be up to $150K,
  • You should be an official taxpayer in the US,
  • Your maximum cap needs to no longer be up to the Federal Threshold, etc.

When do you get a Stimulus Debit Card?

Citizens need to apply for a debit card and complete the process by visiting They should click on Get Started, read the card agreement, and activate the card. After the application review, the registered email will receive the card. Cardholders must contact the authorities via phone to complete the activation process. The stimulus debit card will be added to the beneficiaries within a few business days.

IRS Stimulus Debit Card 2024

Is the Stimulus Debit Card and EIP Card the Same?

The EIP card, also known as the Economic Impact Payment card, is utilized to distribute stimulus checks to eligible recipients from the government. Similar to Stimulus Debit Cards, both EIP and Stimulus debit cards enable digital transactions for online purchases and bill payments. These cards provide a convenient way to make payments and safeguard stimulus funds. Carrying physical cash is no longer necessary when using a debit card or EIP card, allowing for flexibility in making payments. The card requires a PIN code for operation, and eligible individuals can apply for it through the issuing authority, ensuring secure transactions and cash protection.

EIP Card Features

Prior to applying for or verifying the EIP Card transaction limit, individuals must understand the potential functions. Here are the distinctive attributes of utilizing an EIP card when applying for the IRS Stimulus Debit Card 2024.

  • Quick and Easy Access: In-keep or online purchases may be executed without difficulty with such cards.
  • Efficient to Use: Simply scratch the cardboard in the system to take the benefits.
  • Assured Security: Do not share the PIN with everybody while having access to the card. The authorities will ensure that your card statistics are secure with them.

What is a stimulus card?

Your Economic Impact Payment Card (EIP Card) contains the money you are receiving under the American Rescue Plan Act of 2021, COVID-related Tax Relief Act of 2020 or the Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security Act (CARES Act).


Receiving your IRS stimulus debit card in February 2024 can provide much-needed financial relief during these challenging times. The IRS has made significant efforts to ensure that eligible individuals receive their stimulus payments promptly and efficiently. By opting for the debit card option, you can conveniently access your funds and use them for essential expenses or to support local businesses. If you’re eagerly awaiting your stimulus debit card, rest assured that it will arrive soon. Stay informed about the latest updates from the IRS and be on the lookout for any correspondence regarding your payment. Remember, this support is designed to help you navigate these uncertain times and provide some financial stability.

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