Canada Minimum Wage 2024 – State Wise $16.50 Min Wage Per Hour

Canada Minimum Wage Every Canadian resident is employed by an organization and is entitled to the Canada Minimum Wage 2024, which is currently set at $16.50 per hour. All employment in any company must adhere to the regulations of the Canada Wage Rate 2024. However, British Columbia, Ontario, and other provinces have varying Minimum Wage Per Hour 2024, which are detailed below. It is important to note that both residents and students receive equal pay for the work they perform. There are specific limits on the number of hours that international students can work, as stipulated by the government under Canada Wage Rate 2024. This article provides a concise overview of Canada Wage Rate 2024 for residents and the Canada Province Wise Minimum Wage 2024.

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Canada Minimum Wage 2024

The minimum wage for every resident of Canada is determined by the government, with the current rate set at $16.65 per hour for 2024. This rate is subject to periodic adjustments to account for inflation. Upon employment in Canada, individuals can expect to receive this minimum pay. Additionally, the minimum wage rate increases during long weekends, also referred to as Stat Pay. The government has the authority to modify the minimum wage in Canada 2024 based on the prevailing needs.

Canada Wage Rate 2024

The current minimum wage rate in Canada for 2024 is $16.65, which is set by the government and paid by employers on an hourly basis in accordance with the rules of Canada’s Minimum Wage 2024. Notable findings from the survey on Canada’s minimum wage per hour in 2024 include:

  • During the survey 43% of companies said that they are planning to “grant an additional budget of the average salary of one person”.
  • During the survey it was found that certain sectors are considered “likely” to see increase in Canada Minimum Wage Per Hour 2024 upto rational average.

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Province Wise CA Minimum Wages 2024 

The Canada Minimum Wage Per Hour 2024 is determined by the provincial jurisdiction, with some provinces adjusting their rates while others remain unchanged. To find out the specific minimum wage for general workers, visit the official websites of the provincial governments. It’s important to note that the values provided are approximate.

Jurisdiction  Province Wise CA Minimum Wages 2024 
Minimum Wages Yukon $16.77
Minimum Wages Saskatchewan $14.25
Minimum Wages Alberta $15
Minimum Wages Manitoba $15.25
Minimum Wage Rate British Columbia $16.50
Minimum Wage Rate Quebec $15.25
Minimum Wage Prince Edward Island $15
Minimum Wages Rate Nunavut $16
Minimum Wage Rate Ontario $16.50
Minimum Wages Northwest Territories $16
Minimum Wages New Brunswick $14.50
Minimum Wage Rate Newfoundland & Labrador $15
Minimum Wage Rate Nova Scotia $15
The above mentioned rates are hourly wage rates. The minimum wage of Saskatchewan will increase upto $15 from 1st October 2024. The highest provincial wage in Canada is province Yukon which is $16.77 per hour. Further updates on provincial wages will be uploaded on their respective website.

Canada Minimum Wage 2024 for International Students

Canadian authorities have declared that the financial threshold for the cost of living for study permit applications will be increased starting in 2024.

➢ The applicants of the new study permit will be receiving from 1st January 2024, they will need to show that every applicant has an available balance of $20635. This is the GIC Increase done recently by Government of Canada.

➢ The waiver on the 20 hours per week will be extended to April 30, 2024 and they will get pay as per Canada Minimum Wage 2024 for International Students.

➢ Moreover, Canada Minimum Wage 2024 for International Students is fixed at $16.5 Per Hour.

Canada Minimum Wage

Canada Minimum Wages For Residents 2024 

The Canadian government has settled a Canada Wage Rate 2024 For Residents, which is mentioned below

  • ➢ Yukon-$16.77
  • ➢ Saskatchewan-$14.25
  • ➢ Alberta-$15
  • ➢ Manitoba-$15.25
  • ➢ British Columbia-$16.50
  • ➢ Quebec-$15.25
  • ➢ Prince Edward Island-$15
  • ➢ Nunavut-$16
  • ➢ Ontario-$16.50
  • ➢ Northwest Territories-$16
  • ➢ New Brunswick- $14.50
  • ➢ Newfoundland & Labrador-$15
  • ➢ Nova Scotia-$15

Canada Minimum Wages 2024

Province Minimum Hourly Wage Effective Date Notes
Alberta $15.00 October 1, 2018
British Columbia $16.75 June 1, 2023
Manitoba $15.30 October 1, 2023
New Brunswick $14.75 April 1, 2023
Newfoundland & Labrador $15.00 October 1, 2023 Consider adjustments post-2024 based on inflation plus an additional 1% annually.
Northwest Territories $16.05 September 1, 2023 Adjusted annually based on CPI and AHW changes.
Nova Scotia $15.00 October 1, 2023 From April 1, 2024, inflation plus an additional 1% annually.
Nunavut $16.00 April 1, 2020 Reviewed annually on April 1.
Ontario $16.55 October 1, 2023
Prince Edward Island $15.00 October 1, 2023 $15.40 on April 1, 2024, and $16.00 on October 1, 2024.
Quebec $15.25 May 1, 2023
Saskatchewan $14.00 October 1, 2023
Yukon $16.77 April 1, 2023 Adjusted annually relative to the Consumer Price Index.

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FAQs On Canada Minimum Wage Increase 2024 

What is the minimum wage for the students living in Canada on study permit?

Since 2000s the minimum wage required by the students living in Canada on study permit for the tuition fee as well as their travel expenses is $10,000. 

What is the Minimum wage of British Columbia from 2024? 

The Minimum Wage Rate BC 2024 in the province of British Columbia will be.$16.50 per hour.

How many provinces are there in Canada who are increasing their minimum wages from 2024?

Total there are 13 provinces in Canada, who are going to increase their minimum wage from 2024.

In which two months the provinces of Canada increase the minimum wage of their province?

The provinces of Canada are likely to increase their minimum wage in the months of April and September 2023 and 2024.

How many companies are planning to grant an additional budget of average salary of one person?

According to a survey there are 43% companies planning to grant an additional budget of the average salary of one person.

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