Veterans Disability Benefit 2024 – Are You Eligible and When Will You Get this Payment?

The 2024 Veterans disability benefit is referred to as a non-taxable allowance. It is provided to individuals based on their health status and the degree to which it is related to military service. Meeting the eligibility criteria is crucial for those seeking to qualify for the Veterans Disability Benefit 2024. To assist potential candidates, we have compiled a comprehensive post on the 2024 Veterans Disability Benefit, covering eligibility requirements, application procedures, costs, and payment amounts.

Veterans Disability Benefit 2024

The Canada Revenue Agency has been providing 9 distinct benefits, including the Veterans Disability Benefit, which offers tax-free payments to support the well-being of individuals with service-related disabilities. The amount received is based on the level of association with their service. Veterans and members of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police are eligible for this program if their incapacity is related to their service, and they may qualify for the Canada Veterans Disability Benefit 2024.

Before receiving benefits, individuals must first verify their eligibility for Disability Benefits in 2024. The payment is typically issued monthly to the recipient, with the Veterans Disability Benefit 2024 Payment Date falling on the final day of each month. Once individuals have applied, they may receive the benefits they are entitled to. The application for Veterans Disability Benefit 2024 can be completed via My VAC Portal or by mail.

Veterans Disability Benefit 2024 Overview

Country USA
Department US Department of Veterans Affairs
Beneficiary Veterans with Disability
Eligible Amount $3215.80
Mode of VA Disability Form Online
Category Government Aid
Official Portal

Eligibility criteria

If you are a veteran and experience illness or injury that impacts your income, you may be eligible for VA Disability Benefits. The payment is given to qualifying VA Recipients who meet all eligibility criteria. Here are the standards you must meet to qualify for Veteran Disability benefits.

  • Any injuries or illnesses that impact your mental state,
  • You served on Active Duty,
  • You were injured while serving in the military, either before you enlisted or after you joined but didn’t become apparent until after your service ended.
  • If you have presumptive conditions, there is no need to provide proof. You only have to meet the requirements set by the provider to receive the benefits.

Apply For Veterans Disability Benefit online

The 2024 Veterans Disability Benefit application can be submitted using two methods: by mail or through a VAC Account.

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Canada Disability Benefit 

My VAC Account

  • To begin the process of accessing benefits for veterans, please visit the website.
  • Click on the My VAC Account link located on the homepage.
  • Next, if you have not already registered, click on New Registration.
  • Tap on sign in if you are already done registration
  • Now fill in all the important information requested from you, after which add the documents.
  • Kindly distribute the 2024 Veterans Disability Benefit Application and retain the PDF for later processing.

By Mail

  • Retrieve the form from the authorized website.
  • After completing it, please drop off the identical at the VAC office.
  • The form can also be sent by mail to the address provided on the form.

Veterans Disability Benefit 2024

Payment Dates for Veterans Disability Benefit 2024

The Canada Veterans Disability Benefit 2024 payment is distributed monthly, with the payment date scheduled for the last day of each month. If this day falls on a holiday, the payments may be issued the following day. The table provided below details the payment dates for each month in 2024.

Payment Month Payment Date
January 2024 13th January 2024
February 2024 28th February 2024
March 2024 27th March 2024
April 2024 29th April 2024
May 2024 30th May 2024
June 2024 27th June 2024
July 2024 30th July 2024
August 2024 29th August 2024
September 2024 26th September 2024
October 2024 30th October 2024
November 2024 28th November 2024
December 2024 30th December 2024

Veterans Disability Pension 2024 Amount

Class Single Spouse One child Second toddler Each other child
1 $3215.80 $803.95 $418.05 $305.51 $241.19
5 $2572.64 $643.16 $334.44 $244.40 $192.95
10 $1768.69 $442.17 $229.93 $168.03 $132.65
15 $964.74 $241.19 $125.42 $91.65 $72.36
20 $160.79 $40.20 $20.90 $15.28 $12.06

Veterans War Allowance Rate 2024

Particulars Veterans War Allowance Rate 2024
Survivor $1952.97
Blind survivor $2022.90
Veteran with partner $2876.18
Veteran with a partner, both blind $2945.89
Additional quantity for dependent toddler $298.69
Orphan $894.97

IRS Stimulus Debit Card 2024

IRS Refund Direct Deposit Dates 

CPP Payment Dates 


The 2024 Veterans Disability Benefit provides financial aid to veterans and Royal Canadian Mounted Police members. Detailed eligibility criteria, application process, payment schedules, and benefit status information empower individuals to enhance the utilization of this crucial support. Choosing to use the My VAC Account or mail for the application process ensures a transparent experience. Ultimately, the Veterans Disability Benefit 2024 highlights Canada’s commitment to supporting those who have dedicated their lives to serving the country.

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